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  Town of North, South Carolina
"Land where the Sun rises in the North"
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North, South Carolina (this webpage on air since June 28, 2006)
Home of North Air Field - Welcome to North, South Carolina - Est. 1892

  Some Facts About Town of North

Town Population: ~800 inhabitants.
Location: 12 miles west of Orangeburg; 20 miles south of Columbia; 50 miles east of Augusta; 95 miles north-west of Charleston; 100 miles north-east of Savannah; 100 miles south of Charlotte and 190 miles east of Atlanta.
Railway line runs right through the heart of North, SC in a south-to-north direction. No train station yet. Yet the future High Speed Rail Columbia-Savannah will pass through North, SC.
North Air Base is located in the Town of North. It is a back-up field for the Space Shuttle (NASA), believe it or not.
One of the World's Longest Air Force runways is located on a
North Air Base in the City of North, South Carolina.
North Air Base is also an
auxiliary field for Charleston Air Force Base used in training C-141 pilots.
North Middle/High School has an excellent website, check it out:
Climate: Subtropical / warm temperate - hot summers, cool to warm
winters; influenced by Atlantic breeze and by dry air from Sandhills.

North, South Carolina... North of what? Is it cold there? Why North?

  Visiting or moving to Orangeburg county or Columbia, South Carolina? Welcome to visit and stay in one of the North America's friendliest places with a very sunny, relatively dry and pleasantly warm climate where almost everything grows. Columbia - Orangeburg area is centrally located between the mountains and the coast, only under 2 hours drive in each direction and is in between many major cities, such as Charlotte, Augusta, Columbia, Atlanta, Savannah and Charleston. Our address is: North, The Earth, The Universe.   Don't Forget to Recycle!

Mini Photo Gallery

Town of North - Flagpole at Town Hall
Town of North
North Town Hall
North Town Hall
Water Tower
Water Tower and CITGO
Active shopping area in front of Savannah Hwy 321 and the railway tracks
Businesses Downtown

North Post Office
North Public Library
North Public Library

Park Down Town
North Auxiliary Airfield
North Auxiliary Airfield

North Middle/High School

United Methodist Church
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Location of North, SC on East Coast of USA   Location of Orangeburg County in South Carolina   Orangeburg County Map
Severe weather occurs in South Carolina occasionally in the form of violent thunderstorms and tornadoes. Although less
frequent than surrounding states, thunderstorms are common in the summer months. The more violent storms generally
accompany squall lines and active
cold fronts of late-winter or spring. Strong thunderstorms usually bring high winds, hail,
considerable lightning, and rarely spawn a tornado. Quite often there's more to the sky than we think we already know.
Town of North

We are situated between the great historical cities of Augusta and
Savannah in Georgia,
Columbia and Charleston in South Carolina and Charlotte in North Carolina. We are 3-4 hours
drive away from Jacksonville, Florida and less than day's drive away from all the major cities of
North Carolina and the North-East. Atlanta, Georgia can be conveniently reached in just under
3 hours. The pleasant semi-Mediterranean type of a
climate of our SC Midlands region is nearly perfect with more than 60% of sunny days and 65% of South Carolina's land is forested and settled with wonderful and friendly unspoiled people. Join the Orangeburg County Community
  Town of North

Despite the landfall average of once in every four to five year, hurricanes and tropical storms are irregular visitors to coastal
South Carolina. In the period, 1901-1985, only 22 tropical cyclones (tropical storms or hurricanes) have made landfall on
the South Carolina coast. Of these, only eight were of Category 2 to Category 4 intensity.


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Heritage Corridor - Nature Route

  Now briefly about Town of North. The town was named in honor of John F. North, a
Confederate veteran, who was elected the first mayor of the Town of North. It is located
in Orangeburg County, South Carolina, United States of America. Town of North is situated within boundaries of Heritage Corridor and near it's Nature and Discovery Routes. Click on
the images on the left and on the right to read more. So as you can see the name of the
town has nothing to do with cold
weather or the North itself and it is not cold here at all.
Any person from any city, state or country (or even aliens from another planet) are welcome
in the Town of North.
Click here to read more about history of Town of North.
  Heritage Corridor - Discovery Route
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Notice: We are not associated in any way with any governmental entity. This website, that has been up
and running since June 28, 2006, is not an official representative of the Town of North in any way. It's been
developed and run by a private individual and it is appreciated that you come back and visit us again.
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